Welcome!  I am an MA student in the Applied Linguistics program at Boston University.  I am currently working on my MA project: Theories of L3 Morpho-syntax: Acquisition of Grammatical Gender in L3 German by English/Spanish Bilinguals under the supervision of Dr. Paul Hagstrum at Boston University.  I have previously worked in the Phonetics, Acquisition, and Multilingualism Lab under Dr. Charles Chang at BU in the Language Creation Lab under Dr. Marie Coppola at the University of Connecticut while earning my BS in Cognitive Science and my BA in Linguistics and Psychology.

My main area of research interest is bi- and multilingualism.  More specifically: bi- and multilingual acquisition, adult second and third language acquisition, and multilingual cognition and code-mixing.  I am interested in examining the influence that the languages of a multilingual have on each other in acquisition and cognition, and what factors determine the degree to which each language of a multilingual play a role, with the use of models from the generative, cognitive, and psycholinguistic views.

For my master’s project, I am examining acquisition of the German grammatical gender feature by adult third language learners with L1 English, L2 Spanish and L1 Spanish, L2 English.   I am looking to investigate the degree to which German learners are able to access their Spanish gender knowledge to acquire the German gender system.